Pizzeria Pronto [Review]


Apr 16
Pizzacraft PC6000 Pronto Review

There are many outdoor pizza ovens available today to give you the best homemade pizza, whether you prefer more American-style pizza or authentic Neapolitan-style charred pizza. One of the best models available that we’ve tried is the Pizzeria Pronto PC6000 pizza oven, which is ideal for just about any occasion from a nice afternoon picnic to camping trips or tailgating parties.

vertical shot of pizza in prontoBetween both the design and overall performance, this pizza oven is likely to be a worthwhile purchase based on what we’ve experienced.

Design of the Pizzeria Pronto

The design of this pizza oven is definitely one of the most reliable when it comes to cooking your favorite pizza. It consists of a heat-diffusing hollow-core pizza stone, which helps make for an evenly-cooked crust. The lid also reflects heat back onto the pizza, with a built-in vent that keeps the pizza from getting soggy at any point.

pizza craft above shot

The oven is also portable, lightweight, and safe to use on nearly any surface. To help optimize the cooking experience, it also includes a built-in thermometer, a gas hose for natural gas cooking, and a matchless starter. It’s also designed to work with propane tanks, using a standard 20-lb. tank.

connecting oven hose propane tank

The assembly of the Pizzacraft Pronto is also relatively easy. The instructions make setting up the oven pretty straightforward and simple, though you may want to look up instructional videos if you need any further clarity.

One particularly nice thing about this oven’s design is that it allows for natural gas conversion for those who prefer to cook using natural gas. Using the aforementioned gas hose, you can easily hook the oven up to a gas line along with the natural gas conversion kit to cook your pizzas using this method in lieu of propane.

The Pizzeria’s Performance

Regarding the performance, we found a lot to love with this oven.

With setup that only required a little additional assistance, we were able to get this thing up and running fairly quickly.

The flame within the Pizzeria Pronto grows or shrinks as you turn the knob, giving you full control over the temperature when cooking. The oven is capable of reaching up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for heating more authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, something that a conventional oven won’t let you do.

heating up over 600 degrees

Things are heating up, indicating over 500 degrees F, on the way to 600 degrees F.

Within a few minutes, you can yield a perfect crispy crust with the signature leopard spots of an Italian pizza.

ideal pizza

That moisture vent on the top of the pizza further releases any excess moisture to keep the pizza from getting soggy throughout the cooking process.

It really only took around 10 minutes for the oven to preheat to the ideal 700 degrees and the pizza only took around 5 minutes to cook thoroughly. The built-in thermometer is also a big help, preventing the need to use an infrared thermometer gun that you might otherwise need with one of these outdoor ovens. However, you do need to turn the pizza occasionally to ensure that it cooks evenly. A rotator pin can help with this. The bi-dial thermometer was off in several of our readings with the IR temperature reader – sometimes by 100+ degrees. You’ll want to purchase our favorite pizza oven thermometer, the Fireboard 2 Pro to keep accurate tabs on internal ambient temperatures.

The cordierite stone also works wonders when it comes to keeping the pizza cooked, and the reflective shield on the lid further helped by making sure the cheese was also sufficiently cooked and melty.

using oven for stir fry

The Pizzeria’s versatility offers added value at its already low price.

You can cook pizzas up to 13 inches using the oven and you can also use it for many other items in addition to pizza if you want to switch things up on your next outing. From steaks and chicken to breadsticks and calzones, there’s no limit to what you can cook using this oven. See a few of our best practice tips for using these tabletop ovens.

extend cooking space

The high cooking speed can also make it one of the most efficient ovens for it size. This is one of the main reasons we ranked it so high on our list of affordable ovens. So if you’re looking to turn small pizzas for a crowd, you’ll have the ability to do so. With a fully cooked pizza in under 6 minutes, guests are sure to be impressed. Just make sure you have enough gas to handle the job.

All in all, we found the performance of this pizza oven to be pretty great with a few minor issues.

Disadvantages of Using the Pizzeria Pronto

Like other outdoor pizza ovens on the market, the Pizzeria oven isn’t without some problems that we experienced. Thankfully, the good outweighs the bad for the most part, but there are certain inconveniences to keep in mind.

First, the instruction manual may not be the most helpful when assembling the oven, like many that rely on pictures more than written instruction. However, if you have any issues when setting the oven up, you can easily find some instructional YouTube videos that can fill in any gaps along the way. Ultimately, it’s far from the hardest oven to set up and shouldn’t take you more than several minutes to put together.

The other big problem we had with the oven was the lack of a handle on the top lid, which would have made it easier to remove the oven’s lid and remove the pizza. Unfortunately, the design makes it so that you have to insert your fingers into the slot to remove the lid.

putting lid on

Apart from these slight problems, you really shouldn’t have a difficult time cooking your favorite meals using this oven.


The Pizzeria Pronto is one of the most efficient and effective ovens for it’s size and price point. The build quality is solid, made from stainless steel and you can’t go wrong with cordierite stones.

In the end, it comes down to it’s affordable price for the temperatures it can achieve. Considering we’ve tested ovens that were three times the price with similar results the Pronto keeps you from breaking the bank to try your hand at making pizzas in your backyard.

If you want to enjoy some of the best outdoor cooking on your next outing, whether with family, friends, or colleagues, you can leave everyone impressed with this reliable oven. We can see how Pizzeria has developed such a solid reputation based on the performance and design of the Pizzeria Pronto by PizzaCraft.

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