Best Pizza Oven Thermometer: Fireboard 2 Pro


May 11
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Using a pizza thermometer might sound a bit over-the-top, yet, until you find out how versatile it can be for improving your pizza-making skills, you might think differently. There is one such thermometer that is more than your average Joe and has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Being that a pizza oven can also cook many other kinds of foods, this thermometer will be highly-effective in tracking their varied temperatures.

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What is Fireboard 2 Pro?

Ted Conrad and Steven Briggeman

If you’ve heard of a little fundraising website called Kickstarter, you’ve probably heard that there are plenty of cool ideas that become a reality through crowdfunding. Not every idea on Kickstarter is completely finished, and some products that come out from Kickstarter are substandard or simply total scams. Yet, Fireboard is one such project that became an innovative success that is consistently being improved, year after year.

Fireboard was started by two Kansas City BBQ enthusiasts who formed a small company of the same name in 2015. It was the combined effort of Ted Conrad and Steven Briggeman who used innovative technology to develop a very new type of thermometer that could monitor 6 separate temperature probes with a real-time display. It also allows their newer upgrades to utilize a separate blower for further temperature control.

Fireboard 2 pro mobile app interface

The real attraction is through a Bluetooth connection that allows you to use the Fireboard app that allows you to customize various temperature charts, create notifications, and handy cooking alerts. After just one and a half years of intensive research, the technology was tested and developed and was further funded through a successful Kickstarter funding campaign.

Now in their 7th year, they have produced the Fireboard 2, Fireboard 2 Drive, and now the Fireboard 2 Pro. The main controller is impressively a large display that’s no bigger than your average smartphone -and perhaps a bit thicker. It has 6 ports that allow separate temperature probes, which are all 2 meters in length. This allows the main controller to display the temperatures from a safe distance from a pizza oven or BBQ grill. See some of our favorite backyard pizza ovens here.

This is ideal for watching the current temperatures displayed, but the big attraction is mainly from the interactive app features. It allows you to monitor cooking times if you go inside your house or even if you need to pop over to the store for last-minute shopping.

What Makes the Fireboard 2 Pro the Best Pizza Oven Thermometer?

Fireboard 2 Pro with type K probe slots

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The newest upgrade has a new feature that now makes the Fireboard 2 Pro the perfect pizza thermometer for pizza ovens. Unlike the Fireboard 2 and Fireboard 2 Drive, the Fireboard 2 Pro does not have the typical thermometer probes with 6 ports. This variant model allows 3 specialized ports which use upgraded Type K probe slots which allow this device to monitor temperatures as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since most pizza ovens are dealing with temperatures as high as 700 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, wood-fired ovens can exceed as much as 800 to 900 degrees in comparison. This would simply be too much for conventional temperature probes that are only designed to withstand a maximum of 700 degrees for heavy-duty probes. On average, most commercial probes can take a maximum of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is where Fireboard’s Type K thermometer probes are superior for the ultimate heat resistance and can handle pizza oven temperatures with ease. It still includes the controller connections for adding a blower unit. This extra is better suited for barbecue usage where air vents increase and decrease temperatures. This allows the Fireboard 2 Pro to provide a dual option for pizza cooking and BBQ needs.

Bells & Whistles

slow cooking meats in a pizza oven

If you’re looking to upgrade your pizza cooking skills for many types of Artisan pizza creations, this temperature controller is highly recommended. Plus, the benefits of slow-cooking meats in a pizza oven will further benefit from these temperature probes since they also can measure internal meat temperatures the same as a standard probe. These temperatures are easy to see on the controller display in broad daylight at a glance.

Weatherproof Fireboard 2 Pro In rain

Another great point is that the controller is built with weatherproof housing that is sturdy enough to resist light showers that may occur if you’re cooking outside in unpredictable weather. It also features a rechargeable battery that will last up to 20 hours after being fully charged. When paired with the Bluetooth Fireboard app, the easy-to-navigate program will be great for tracking temperature fluctuations and setting cooking times.

The app also is updated through the Fireboard cloud support with monthly updates that allow new and exciting solutions that can customize your cooking preferences. Not many of the newer oven thermometers have an app connection that provides you real-time temperature readings and updates quite like the Fireboard app does. This is one more added function that gives you the freedom to prepare other food while your pizza is cooking.

Moreover, a pizza oven rarely has a built-in pizza thermometer that allows you to see the current temperature, and, is not very large at all. Most of the temperature gauges are not digital and read from a dial that is no larger than a silver dollar. The Fireboard 2 Pro display will continually show the current real-time results which can fill the entire screen. The accuracy of these digital measurements is within milliseconds, so the accuracy is very exact.

In Conclusion

hero image of Fireboard 2 Pro

Being that most items and accessories that are being used for pizza ovens aren’t meant to be your average ‘bargain basement’ prices, since you want to have something that isn’t being replaced every 6-months. This is why well-built and long-lasting materials are preferred for use within a pizza oven or BBQ pit. This simply makes sense as you’ll most likely be looking for advantages that improve cooking conditions.

This will be an economic advantage for planning ahead to take advantage of the collected heat that’s still inside a dome oven. Whether or not your pizza oven is powered through natural gas or is wood-fired, you can use the stored info from the Fireboard app to let you know how long the residual heat will allow you to prepare a whole slew of foods that can be prepared in a single day.

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