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800 Degrees Pizza Oven Company Featured image
Sep 04

800 Degrees Pizza Oven Company

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We all know how great making pizza at home can be, especially when you’ve already created the optimal setup. Yet before you discovered making artisan pizza at home, it likely came from somewhere else. This article will delve into takeout pizza that is quickly getting a lot of hype recently and we want to learn […]

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Aug 13

Pizza Accessories You Should Own

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There are essential accessories that you can buy for making pizza that make your life a lot easier. Aside from general pizza-making supplies, here are some well-thought-out items that put some fun back into pizza making once again. CiuZen Pizza Box Oven Let’s start things off with a little bit of whimsical thinking when it […]

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history of roman flatbread
Nov 10

History of Pizza

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he pizza that we all know and love today comes from humble beginnings. Countries love to argue about the origins of the much-loved dish, but the truth is that the idea for pizza has been in development for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. It started off with flatbread (A.K.A. Pisna or Focaccia) dishes […]

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Outdoor Oven History
Nov 07

History of Outdoor Ovens


Where did it all begin? We do know that the earliest outdoor ovens were better related to our distant relatives that hunted the Woolly Mammoth. It seems that Paleolithic humans, or what we often refer to Neanderthals were pretty adept at hunting Mammoth. But once you finally bag on those these big puppies, how do […]

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Sep 18

How to Host a Pizza Party

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When was the last time you had a good old fashioned pizza party with your family and friends? Not so easy these days since everything got turned upside down because of the Coronavirus. But let’s not get upset over that, you can still have one or two close friends who are keeping safe come over. […]

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7 pizza myths busted
Aug 29

Pizza Myths…Busted

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7 Dumb Things You Believe About Pizza As beloved and popular as pizza is, in the USA and around the world, there have been endless rumors transformed into believable truths which are no more than glorfied myths.     On the eighth day, God gave Man one final gift: Pizza. And since its inception, we have […]

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Pizza Industry in the U.S. & Around the World
Jun 27

Pizza Industry Revenue in the U.S. & Around the World

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The Industry by the Revenue Pizza is a 145-billion-dollar global industry with average sales at independent pizzerias, and PMQ’s Pizza Power Industry Reports find that U.S. sales average just over $600k annually. Over the past several years, the demand for pizza has risen all over the world, especially in Latin America and China, and U.S.-based […]

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