Pizza Accessories You Should Own


Aug 13
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There are essential accessories that you can buy for making pizza that make your life a lot easier. Aside from general pizza-making supplies, here are some well-thought-out items that put some fun back into pizza making once again.

CiuZen Pizza Box Oven

CiuZen Pizza Box Oven with pizza dough in pan

Let’s start things off with a little bit of whimsical thinking when it comes to portable pizza ovens. Since you can’t always turn your backyard BBQ into a pizza oven without using a cast iron pan or having pizza stones handy, here’s one item that might stir your interest. The CuiZen Pizza Box Oven is a great accessory that is ideal for families that love making pizza. You can also check out our other two favorite indoor ovens. Here are some of things we like about the CiuZen.

Fresh-cooked pizza up to 12-inches

Making a pizza from scratch is going to limit you to how large your cooking surface is. You can have larger pizza stones but you’ll probably have an average oven that will accommodate a 12-inch pizza. Try making a 14-inch or larger in a regular oven with ease! Well, this is where this portable oven allows homemade or premade pizzas that are a total of 12-inches in diameter.

Has a built-in cover

The cover is also where the heating element is built in. This not only increases the speed that your oven can heat up, but it keeps the heat in while it cooks. Internal temperatures can easily reach the selected heat in minutes. The quirky part is that it actually looks like a pizza delivery box crossed with a retro record turntable. It also has a built-in handle so you can lift up the top to check your pizza.

The pizza rotates while it bakes

The lower portion of this portable pizza oven automatically rotates when you turn it on. It’s set to a specific speed so you don’t need to worry about how fast or slow it rotates. The best part is that thick crust pizza will bake the same as thin crust just as easily. Only the cooking time will vary to adjust for the thickness. Only half the pizza is cooked at a time to ensure it doesn’t burn as it rotates.

Adjustable timer and temp settings

You can adjust this portable pizza oven from selected Fahrenheit settings that range from warming mode up to 525F degrees. The timer can further be set to keep your oven from overcooking with a timer up to 30 minutes. Most made pizzas will only take 12-15 minutes and will automatically turn off the oven when the timer is up. Two light sensors tell you right away the oven is on and the heating element is cooking.

6-Tray Pizza Topping Organizer

6-Tray Pizza Topping Organizer on wood surface

When was the last time you had a pizza party where you let everyone create the perfect pizza on their own? Here’s one accessory that makes perfect sense if you have that ultimate pizza party that lets you add plenty of pizza toppings. Not only that, these fit so easily into any fridge without any problem, so putting 2 or more of these back-to-back fits into your fridge. Here’s some more info that’s great to know about this organizer.

The trays come out individually

All of the plastic trays that fit into this condiment holder are white and hold 16 ounces of toppings or pizza sauce. Having a couple of these condiment trays will give you 12 individual pizza topping trays if you want to have lots of variety. When it comes to kid’s pizza parties, this tray will be a total lifesaver.

It comes with a top cover lid

You can prepare all of your toppings a few hours before or at least the night before your pizza cook-off. Keeping anything inside your fridge is going to require a lid so your ingredients don’t dry out. Keep in mind that it’s not a typical Tupperware plastic so it doesn’t seal like one. That’s beside the point since it’s only used when you prepare your toppings, so you won’t lose any freshness.

It’s dishwasher safe

When you’re done, you can throw all of these plastic pieces into the dishwasher. This is the best part of this accessory is you have sauces and messier items that can be greasy including sausages, pepperoni, and oily grated cheese. The entire unit fits into any standard dishwasher and will clean off very easily without warping at all. It’s built to last unlike many other plastic condiment trays out there.

Perfect for all sorts of toppings

This assortment tray is perfect for pizza toppings, ice-cream syrups and sprinkles, taco night ingredients, and much, much more. You’ll be amazed by how well-rounded this sorting tray will give you in return. It’s one of those items that you would never consider, but we think you’ll find it perfect for family pizza night. Especially for kids who love special toppings that are fun!

12-Inch Foldable Wood Handle Pizza Peel

12-Inch Foldable Wood Handle Pizza Peel on surface with pizza

Having appeal is a good part of playing the role of pizza host, but having a good peel for your pizza is essential! Here is one peel that is foldable and has a long folding handle that can easily store in your cabinet drawer. If you’re not so crazy about getting so close to a hot pizza oven, this is one item that keeps you safer while you put in, turn, and take out cooked pizzas. Here are some of the idea highlights this peel has to offer:

Long handle for all pizza ovens

The handle of this model has a built-in hand tightening screw so the handle folds out and locks into place right away. If you have an outdoor pizza oven where temperatures get pretty hot, you’ll love this handle has 13-inches off the actual peel itself. The metal is very sturdy yet lightweight to handle with two hands. Even if you have a 13 to 14-inch pizza, this can handle the size just as easily.

Excellent for turning

When you need to turn your pizza, you don’t want to deal with wooden peels that you can scoop under a pizza so stealthy. As long as you’ve given enough cornmeal or flour under the surface of your pizza stone, you’ll get under the crust right away. Adjust and turn your pizza without any problem and just as quickly as you want to get in and out right away. It’s got the look and feels that scream professional without having a professional price tag attached.

Stores in any cabinet

When you’re done with this peel, you can undo the screw and swing the wooden handle back around into the peel itself. It will store in any cabinet as simple as any cutting board, so you won’t have an item that takes up sp much space. Because this is made from sturdy aluminum, just wipe it down with a soft sponge and towel dry. It doesn’t need to go into the dishwasher at all.

Fireboard 2 Pro

FireBoard 2 Pro Thermometer on table

Yielding the perfiect pizza is comes down to the dough making process and temperature. To help with the latter we present the Fireboard 2 Pro (FB2 Pro). The FB2 Pro is a smart thermometer designed for use in pizza ovens. Since pizza ovens can easily reach temperatures above your traditional oven, you’ll need a thermometer that stand up to extremely high temps without melting. The Fireboard 2 Pro features Type K thermometer probes that can withstand temperatures exceeding 1200°F. Additionally, the device is WiFi so you can connect to graphs, charts, alarms, cooking logs of your previous cooks, all from your mobile device. See our full review of the Fireboard 2 Pro here.

With consistency of your ambient heat temperatures you’ll be one step closer to reproducing that perfect pie time and time again.

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