Best Pizza Oven Accessories


Mar 28
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While they say that you can’t have it all, we think that you should be a better pizza maker with these essential accessories. The universal appeal of a pizza oven can give you more variety in the backyard and many of these items are easily used for barbecues, grilling, and in your home kitchen. This is why they aren’t exclusively just for pizza, but make pizza cooking so much easier in return.

High-Performance Pizza Steel

High-Performance Pizza Steel in OvenSee Price @ Amazon
Most people have reservations about using pizza steel, but seriously you can’t beat that steel is going to be an excellent conductor for transferring heat. Unlike a pizza stone, steel does not have any ability to crack due to thermal shock. Steel also does not warp and is easy to clean. It won’t rust but does need to be seasoned just like cast-iron pans do to prevent rusting or sticking.

It’s a heavy item so this makes it ideal for staying put inside your pizza oven. It’s not the cheapest pizza steel on the block, but this is essentially the top choice for high-performance pizza making and for overall pizza oven accessories.

Pizza Oven Smart Thermometer

FireBoard 2 Pro Thermometer on tableSee Only @
If you haven’t heard of Fireboard 2 before, this is the future of keeping track of cooking temperatures. Many devices tell you the information of what thermometer probes are telling you, but only Fireboard has a tracking system that tells you more about the total cook time. The Fireboard 2 Pro is also Bluetooth compatible and connects to your smartphone using the Fireboard app. It’s very interactive and will be essential for so much more.

If you happen to love barbecuing and smoking meats, this temperature sensor can connect to several points in a pizza oven or BBQ grill. This is one portable temperature that will keep track of several items with additional probes that monitor and control these temperatures.

Stainless Steel Folding Pizza Peel

Pizza on Stainless Steel Folding Pizza PeelSee Price @ Amazon
It’s hard to find a good pizza peel that isn’t going to fall apart, warp, crack, or end up being a piece of junk. This peel isn’t full of gimmicks but does have a very handy folding handle mechanism that is very well constructed. It’s also not wobbly like other pizza peels and will hold a variety of pizzas depending on how large of a peel you need. Another nice thing about this peel is that it can scoop under a pizza much easier than wooden peels.

If you have never required a peel before, this is a must for any first-timer who is building a dome oven for pizza making.

Pizza Rocker Cutting Blade

Pizza Rocker Cutting Blade with vegetablesSee Price @ Amazon
Pizza rockers are somewhat of a curious item that is good for cutting a pizza in just a couple of rocking passes. The extra-long rounded blade is placed over a pizza and makes pizza cutting satisfying and very fast. This design is not your average design since it uses handles that are placed smartly onto the upper edge of the cutting blade. This takes off the pressure on your wrist with the average pizza rockers that are sold.

Another nice thing is that this rocker is dishwasher safe, but most people will agree that hand washing for this pizza rocker is a better idea.

Pizza Oven Ash Rake

Bayou Classic 500-586 Steel Ash RakeSee Price @ Amazon
For any wood-fired pizza oven, you’ll want to have this handy item that helps move around coals and adjust burning wood pieces. The real charm to this miniature version of a garden hoe is scooping out the ashes when the fire is completely burned out. This is one of those pizza oven accessories that will aid in cleanup. This is all due to the shape of the slightly curved metal bar on the front of this well-designed rake.

Just like any other tool in your BBQ shed, this will come in handy for raking hot coals on a BBQ or using in your home for a fireplace rake universally.

Pizza Bubble Popper

9" Diameter Aluminum Pizza PeelSee Price @ Amazon
While you might get away with bending an old fork and attaching it to a long stick to pop pizza bubbles, in the long term you can’t beat this ideal 2-pack. These are specially designed 2-prong forks that measure over 17-inches and will help pop those annoying pizza bubbles that appear on your pizza crust while it bakes. Just a couple whacks here and there are more satisfying since the handle is made from quality sealed wood.

It also is optimal for hooking your pizza and checking to see if the underside is burning or not. It can be used on the BBQ for a variety of uses as well.

Cooling and Cutting Board

Pizza on Cooling and Cutting BoardSee Price @ Amazon
Taking your hot pizza out of the pizza oven will require a cooling board, but this is one that we think is a better idea. It’s actually the best 2-in-1 idea that makes the perfect cooling board for your pizza and has built-in pizza slice grooves already in place. So when it comes time to slice your pizza, you can simply follow the 8 pre-cut sections that make each piece the same exact size.

This board is also a good choice for having a charcuterie board when the cutting board is not being used, so just flipping it over will reveal a totally flat rounding board.

Pizza Wheel Cutter

Pizza Wheel Cutter with pizza on tableSee Price @ Amazon
Standard pizza rollers are often a real pain in the (well -we can’t say that), but you get the idea. After searching high and low for a pizza cutter that is both dynamic looking and well-built, this pizza roller is a great addition to your collection of pizza tools. It can be put into the dishwasher, but everyone knows that washing these items by hand is always the best way to keep these working properly.

The good news is that this roller can be sharpened using an electric knife sharpener. If you like a great design that combines a European aesthetic with practical pizza wheel action, this is your best choice.

Oven Grill Platform

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue ParrillaSee Price @ Amazon
Pizza ovens don’t come with racks to grill items such as steaks, veggies, and other select food that you want to grill. This additional raised grill accessory is made from real cast iron and will be perfect for searing and grilling meats inside your pizza oven. The best part is that it stands on 4-inch legs which allow you to get underneath this platform to adjust a pizza inside your oven.

You will need to season this cast-iron like any other cooking surface so it will give you that ideal non-stick surface, but it’s totally worth it. Finally, you can grill chicken, steak, fish, and much more with authentic grill marks right inside your pizza oven. If you like doing more than making pizza, this is one of the pizza oven accessories you’ll want to add to your wish list soon enough.

Pizza Apron and Heat Proof Gloves

Hudson Durable Goods Professional Grade Chef Apron and Heat Proof GlovesSee Price @ Amazon
You don’t see many people wearing a pizza apron that much but you might as well have some heat protection that also features extra pockets for all sorts of utensils. Grillmaster will love how universal this apron is and is completely adjustable for a variety of sizes. It also comes in a slew of cool designs that will appeal to your BBQ or pizza maker sensibilities. If only this apron came with some heatproof safety gloves?

Actually, that’s where you’ll love these pizza oven gloves that resist temperatures up to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit! Yes, that is hot enough to pick up hot coals just to impress your friends, but honestly, if you do a lot of cooking at a pizza oven you’ll know that putting your hands near the kind of heat that comes out gets to be a bit sweaty. These gloves will let your hands breathe without ever losing grip on utensils or handling a piping-hot pizza.

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