What are the different kind of pizza flavors?

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May 30
What are the different kind of pizza flavors?

Pizza is originally an Italian dish but has made its place in the hearts of the people globally. Even though it only consists of three core items: dough, toppings and sauce, the taste it offers is unparalleled. In fact, it has transformed into an industry worth $30 billion, which is an incredible amount. A large number of chefs have now specialized in pizza making and are continually improving themselves to obtain a competitive edge.

Nevertheless, pizza itself comes in a variety of flavors. Gone are the days when it used to come in limited amount of flavors committing itself to the old traditions. Now we have countless options to choose from. Here are some of the flavors that people all around the world can enjoy:

Double cheese pizza

This is one of the most popular pizza flavors all across the globe, preferred particularly by vegetarians that comes with a double thick layer of cheese. It is even preferred by cheese lovers. Extra layers of cheese is what makes it appealing, delicious and lip smacking. It fits in perfectly with the definition of pizza since originally they were meant to be ‘cheesy’ in nature.


This is another flavor popular amongst vegetarians where pizza is topped with golden corns and layers full of cheese. It is a unique option to consider because of the additional toppings such as Jalapenos and Black Olives. The reason behind its popularity is the spice added through a variety of veggies. It just enhances the taste to a whole new level.

Peppy paneer

This one is pretty common in the South Asian Cuisine. Paneer was originated in India which is essentially a cheese cube that is produced out of pure milk. It is again preferable amongst vegetarians since it acts as an alternative to meaty items. This flavor of pizza is sprinkled with paneer along with spicy red pepper and crispy capsicum slices. It acts as an amazing enhancement to the overall flavor.

Cheese and BBQ chicken

This is another popular flavor which is well recognized amongst non-vegetarians. The pizza is initially filled with a lot of cheese and then topped with BBQ chicken and this is what makes it extraordinary. BBQ chicken are cut into small pieces and then sprinkled all over the pizza. The flavor is enhanced by adding different vegetables. It is indeed one of the most preferable options all over the world due to its exceptional taste.

Cheese and pepperoni

All pizza lovers are pretty much aware of this flavor and how it has gained immense popularity in the past decade. These are specifically famous in the West. Pepperoni falls under the category of spicy food which is usually made either out of pork or beef. These are cut into circular pieces and placed on pizza as a form of topping. Then again a lot of cheese is added over.

Even though this is not an exhaustive list, here were some of the most popular options all over the world.

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